About Us

When we were kids we heard "chase your dreams, you can be whatever you want to be, you are going to change the world". When we graduated high school its the same speech....but first you have to go to college... graduate college its the same thing....but first you have to put in your "time" at a the company lucky enough to have you as a star employee. Between the ages of 25 and 30 most of us wake up to find ourselves in a situation that is far from our dream life we imagined. Maybe you can't even remember what your dreams were in the first place. How did you get here?? What happened to that kid that was going to change the world? The truth is you are where you are because you made every single decision that landed you in that cubical. Society gave us the rules of life and we walked through every single door that kept us on their agenda. What about ours?

That's where we were....we did all the "right" things, we worked hard, we put in our time and we were living the life society wanted us to....not our dream life at all. Once we learned that we were the ones that made all the decisions that got us there, we were FREE to make the ones that were going to get us out. This is our story the real hard learned lessons about being an entrepreneur, sticking up for your dreams and chasing them. We're not here to tell you its all rainbows and sunshine. We're here to be transparent about the adversity that you will face when you decide to chase your dreams. It's a long uphill battle but the prize on the top of the mountain is always worth the haul. The only way to fail is to give up....small setbacks only means you need a new path. How awesome to know that you are the only one that decides when you fail. Decide to Succeed! That's what we did and we are are going to record our extraordinary journey to the top.

OUR Vision:

Build a multimillion dollar organization by helping thousands of families break the bondage of financial debt, time debt and health issues so that they are able to truly live a life of FREEDOM!